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Join the Community Wellness Challenge!


A graphic promotes the Wellness Challenge.
The Wellness Challenge helps you find or maintain your wellness during COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to keep well and stay connected in our communities. That’s why we’ve created a Community Wellness Challenge activity card with ideas for taking care of your mental, physical, and spiritual health, your relationships, and more!

The Community Wellness Challenge activity card includes ideas on:

  • Activities to do by yourself or as a family
  • Tips for sleeping well
  • How to safely offer help to neighbours or others in your community
  • And more!

View, download, or print the Community Wellness Challenge activity card.

Complete activities and enter to win a prize!

Complete an activity from one or more of the activity card columns and tell us about it – you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card from a local business (wellness-related) of your choice! From June 8-29, 2020, we’ll be drawing three winners each week: one each from the Northeast, Northwest, and Northern Interior of the Northern Health region.

How to enter

Share a photo and/or comment of an activity you completed and how it helped you stay well or stay connected in your community. Northern BC residents can enter two ways:

  1. Post your photo/comment on a contest post in a Northern Health Community Facebook group. We’ll be publishing a contest post each week. Not part of a Northern Health Community Facebook group? Find your community or the community nearest to you.
  2. Or email your photo/comment to healthpromotions@northernhealth.ca. Please include the name of your community so we know what Northern Health area you’re in.

Read the full challenge details.