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Winter safety tips: Preventing injuries


person in red jacket walks on snow covered path
Enjoy winter walking safely with a few tips. Photo taken at Ferguson Lake, Prince George.

Winter has arrived for many across the North. We are also being encouraged more than ever to get outside. Here are some tips for staying safe when walking on the ice and snow this season.

Tips to be safe on the ice and snow

  • Drag or shuffle your feet. Remember to place your whole foot on the ground at once and take shorter steps.
  • Have three points of contact when getting in and out of vehicles (e.g., two feet and one hand). Get out first and get stabilized before retrieving items.
  • Keep a wide base of support. Keep your body as loose as possible: spread your feet to more than a foot apart. This will help stabilize you as you walk.
  • Keep your knees loose and don't lock them. If you can, let them bend a bit. This will keep your center of gravity lower to the ground which further stabilizes the body.
  • Slow down and think about your next move.
  • Wear proper footwear. Warmth, stability, and traction are all important to keep in mind when choosing footwear for snowy conditions.