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Spring versus Summer: Two seasons at Eskers Park


It was refreshing in the spring when I had a chance to hike the trails and see the scenery of Eskers Provincial Park with friends. It was still icy on the trails. Nice to come outdoors and beat the cabin fever. The pine cones from the pine trees fallen on the trails reminded me of Christmas decorations. Lake and mountain pines reminded me of the scenery in north eastern BC where I have lived previously. The tranquility of nature helps to relax the body and the mind. I managed to pick up a female and male pine cone on the way back as a souvenir. It is still sitting at my place as a decoration. Image removed.

Eskers Provincial Park is a day-use park located 40 km northwest of Prince George. Encompassing 3,979 hectares of gently rolling terrain and many small lakes, the park conserves a portion of the 40 km long Stuart River Eskers Complex. These unique land forms, for which the park is named, are long sinuous gravel ridges. They were created when sand and gravel were deposited in the meltwater channels of ancient glaciers that once blanketed this northern region.

In July, I had a chance to go back to Eskers and do some hiking with friends. The scenery had changed and was so refreshing. At one point we were startled by a pretty Newfoundland cross dog whom we thought was a bear in the bush making noise. We also found some edible wild berries, and got out on the water (in a canoe), on one of the lakes situated in the park. Image removed.

Circle Lake is an ideal location for families to learn flat-water canoeing. The canoe launch provides easy access to the lake. Those willing to carry a canoe into Camp Lake will find several portage trails connecting some of the smaller, more remote lakes between Camp and Kathie Lakes.

Other fun activities one can do at Eskers park include:

  • Safe berry picking – Know the edible kind prior to wild berry picking.
  • Fishing- Ensure you have an appropriate licence
  • You can walk your pets/domestic animals, but they must be on leash at all times and are not allowed in beach area
  • In the winter the walking trails at Eskers are great for snowshoeing and cross country skiing

The breeze and forest trail air make me happy and feel more energetic. Eskers is about 45 minutes from town and it is a nice place that you can head to when you need to run away from the hustle and bustle of Prince George city life! Why not to give it a try, and surround yourself with mother nature's beautiful embrace!Image removed.

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