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Bike fever: Early season progression and the quest for a new lid


Two helmets sit on a tree stump.
When out on the trails, it's important to protect yourself and wear a helmet.

I take a deep breath in. Hold it. I see the line I’ll take my mountain bike down. There are roots, banks, and pesky mounds of logs to watch out for. I breathe out, and start rolling.

As I gain speed, I know hesitation equals devastation, so I stay loose – calm, controlled, and confident. I commit to a jump. Aaaaaaand… That was a good dream!

Bike fever is here and it’s getting strong!

Preparing for bike season

It’s been a long time since snow buried the bike trails of last season. Winter meant heaps of time to visualize and set some personal goals for myself. Picturing that one drop, that steep line with all those roots, staying off the brake through tight corners – there’s lots to think about when you’re out on the trails!

Now, it’s time to go again. That means I better do a bike check.

Doing a bike check

Grabbing my tools, I check the spokes, brakes, and tire pressure. I also set the suspension, adjust the reach on the controls, tighten up the pivots, and oil the chain. Now that my bike is sorted, it’s almost time to rip!

For biking gear and safety tips check out Adventure Smart!

Gearing up and protecting your brain

I just need to gear up.

Old ratty ride shorts – check. Merino shirt, gloves, water bottle, and glasses – check. Sticking to the local trails – check! Helmet… Noooo! There’s a crack in my helmet!

For a second, I think, “It would probably be ok, right? No biggie, it’s just a wee little crack.  What are the chances of hitting right on that spot?” Then I remember, that if the lid takes a smackin’, it’s time to replace it.

You only get one brain, right? Best not to scramble it! I do some research, and find a helmet with a sweet MIPS brain protection system. It’s important to protect yourself from concussions!

I head to my local bike shop (#shoplocal!), grab my new gear, and head out to the trail. 

Happy Trails

On the trails, I find myself climbing a hill. Oh man, that early season rust is deep! Come on legs, let’s make this happen! As they say, “you gotta get up to get down!”

Once I get to the top, I take deep breath in, hold, and see the line I pictured all winter, eager to meet roots, the banks, and the logs – and, of course, that jump. I breathe out and start rolling. Hesitation equals devastation. I’m loose – calm, controlled, and confident.

And I commit, knowing my brain is nice and safe in my helmet!