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Reg Wulff

Licensing Officer


Reg is a licensing officer with Northern Health and has his BA in Health Science. Previously, he worked as a Recreation Therapist with Mental Health and Addictions Services in Terrace as well as a Regional Tobacco Reduction Coordinator. Originally from Revelstoke, Reg enjoys the outdoor activities that Terrace offers, like mountain biking and fishing. Reg also likes playing hockey, working out, and creative writing. He is married and has two sons and believes strongly in a work/life balance as family time is important to him.

Published Stories

Walk With Your Doc

Walk With Your Doc

When was the last time you went for a walk? Were you aware that there are some real health benefits that come with a pleasant evening stroll? Since 2010, Walk with Your Doc has been promoting th...

Laptop screen with opening story sentences crossed out.

Once upon a time...

It's been a while since I've contributed to Northern Health's blog and to be honest, I haven't done any creative writing lately. Now, I could say that I've been too busy, or I could blame the weather,...

Boy in yellow jersey playing soccer

Get Your Game On!

You know what; I’m pretty excited for the last two weeks of September.  Not only is Northern Health’s Great Northern Scavenger Hunt taking place, but the world cup of hockey is taking pl...

Fly rod and tied flies

Cast away my friend!

I have to admit, the last few weekends have been busy. Between laying flooring, hanging a door, and cutting/installing/painting trim and baseboard, there's been little time for anything else. Well, no...