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New NH Check In app makes for a smooth flu shot experience


Hands hold cell phone with NH Check In application open on the screen
The new NH Check In app is available to make physical distancing easier when visiting a lab, clinic, or getting your flu shot.

In some northern communities, the NH Check In app is available to make physical distancing easier when visiting a lab, or clinic. It can even improve your flu shot experience.

That was the case for Prince George resident Brandan Spyker.

"My family and I used the NH Check In app when we got our flu shots this past weekend. It was an incredibly smooth experience! We went to the clinic at the Coast Inn of the North, checked in on the app and waited outside until we received a text saying it was our turn,” said Brandan. “My wife, kids, and I all went together. It was a pretty smooth operation. No long waits and the staff were very helpful."

NH public health clinics in Prince George have been using the NH Check In app for all of their drop-in flu clinics. The app reduces the amount of time you spend in the waiting room by allowing you to check in online from your car, home, or office. You can download the free app on your smartphone, or access it online.

If you don't have access to the internet, or a cell phone/tablet, staff can still help you in person. As well, it’s important to note:

  • Using NH Check In is optional
  • NH Check In isn’t for making appointments – it’s for tracking your place in line and knowing what the current wait time is
  • NH Check In is gradually rolling out to more communities across the North

More information about NH Check In is available on the Northern Health website.

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