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Looking for outdoor inspo? NH Staff share their adventure spots


view looking outside of a tent at a light green river with trees in the background
View of the Exstew River by Exstew Falls, near Terrace, BC.

It’s no secret that one of the joys of living in Northern BC is easy access to the beautiful outdoors. Growing up, I didn’t consider myself an “outdoorsy” person. However, since choosing to call the North home, I’ve decided to embrace the lifestyle and all the mental and physical activity benefits that come with it.

For me, one of the most daunting things when planning a camping trip or outdoor adventure can be knowing where to go. So, I asked my fellow NH colleagues to share their spots! Here’s what they said.

Exstew Falls, near Terrace

Jasper, a substance use specialist, shared the beautiful photo above of his camping spot near Exstew Falls. “I was lucky to have woken up early that day,” he says. “If I'd woken up an hour later, my tent would've been in the river. Turns out it's quite the intertidal zone. Whoops!”

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Little Lost Lake, near Valemount

a large mountain in terrace with white snow peaks and fog

Dan, a licensed practical nurse, shared these shots of the gorgeous views at Little Lost Lake.

a fire in the front and in the back you can see a lake with a mountain and trees in the distance

“My son and I hike in and stay a couple nights every year,” says Dan. “The hike is mostly uphill on the way in, but well worth it.”

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When adventuring outdoors, remember to stay safe and be responsible

Happy trails!