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Clearing a path to the future: IMAGINE funding for Pidherny Recreation Site


man on mountain bike biking down a trail

There’s just something about the sound of tires rolling over dirt. It’s a hum, an almost sub-aural vibration, and at its best it moves through the rider’s body like a wave, washing away the mental cobwebs of a digital world and sweeping all consciousness into a singular, focused state.

IMAGINE funding for Pidherny Recreation Site

Maybe it’s this sensory gift that inspires mountain bikers to volunteer their time and energy to create and maintain the trails that provide it. But it was those volunteers themselves that inspired the Prince George Cycling Club to apply for IMAGINE Community Grant funding to purchase tools to support their efforts.

Pidherny Recreation Site is a popular trail network in Prince George that features a wide variety of trails catering to riders of all interests and abilities. The varied terrain of the rec site makes it an ideal location for trail development, and through careful planning and skillful execution, the site has evolved from a relatively small number of user-built trails into a vibrant, multi-use community recreation area. While mountain bikers are the primary user group on the trails, many local residents also enjoy walking there in the summer and snow-shoeing in the winter months. And with interest in the sport surging in the community, the future looks bright.

“We have seen tremendous growth in participation in mountain biking in Prince George over the past few seasons,” says Prince George Cycling Club Mountain Director Josh Staub. “As a non-profit organization, we rely on funding from grants like IMAGINE to provide safe and accessible trails for riders. The tools purchased with this grant will help ensure that the Pidherny Recreation Site remains safe and sustainable for years to come.”

Making our communities healthier places for all

Similar to a bike, community improvements like the Pidherny Rec Site keep on rolling. As interest in an activity grows, demand for infrastructure increases. As that infrastructure is developed, more people are attracted to the activity and the cycle is renewed by the increased demand for new options. Pidherny Rec Site is a perfect example of a community driven effort that not only contributes to the health and well-being of participants, but also draws them together. The IMAGINE Community Grant program is proud to support efforts like this throughout the Northern Health region, investing in the people and organizations who take action to make our communities healthier places for all!

For more information regarding IMAGINE Community Grants, and applying, visit the IMAGINE homepage , or email Imagine.Grants@northernhealth.ca with any questions.