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Welcome to the newest members of the Chetwynd X-Ray department


A dark fish tank with two glofish and glowing, fluorescent decor.
Thanks to Lacey and Megan for adding some colour to their x-ray department at Chetwynd General Hospital!

We all need a little light in our daily work – and two staff members at the Chetwynd General Hospital have found a way to brighten up their workplace – literally!

“Megan and I decided the department needed a little light and life,” says Lacey Archer, who purchased the fish along with Megan Gerstel. “As x-ray techs we spend much of our day working in the dark and the department has no windows, so it can be a bit drab in here.”

Lacey and Megan, both Medical Radiology Technologists, have introduced some Glofish to their x-ray department – three, in fact, named Pete, Xiphy and Sella, along with Bones, an albino catfish to help with the housekeeping. Glofish are known for their special fluorescent colours, as they absorb light and then re-emit it. These newcomers join three existing zebra danios to the tank.

While taking opportunities to bring some fun to work, Lacey likes that her job always keeps her on her toes: “You never know what is coming through the doors and every day is different. I have always been fascinated with science, particularly biology, and this job really enables me to express my personality and skills into one.”

And living in the small community of Chetwynd? That makes it even better!

“In a small community like Chetwynd, your patients really get to know you, and we often know our patients from outside the hospital,” says Lacey. “There is a really strong connection of community nestled in the mountains here, which makes it easy to take pride in the work that we do.”

Megan agrees: “Part of the reason I love my job is the coworkers who become family. We are a small team, so everyone becomes very close.” Megan grew up in Chetwynd and really enjoys the opportunities to spend time outdoors, especially hiking, kayaking, and camping.

Welcome to the newest members of the team in Chetwynd, and thanks for helping to brighten up the hospital, Lacey and Megan!