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Unsure about getting your COVID-19 vaccine? What one nurse has to say


Woman holds baby on snowy country road while another child holds onto her leg
Lara Frederick (pictured with her two children) is a registered nurse in Dawson Creek.

Lara Frederick, Regional Manager, Public Health Practice, is a long-time Dawson Creek community member. She shared with us why she got her vaccine as well as some things to consider if you’re unsure about getting yours.

Why Lara got her vaccine

“The main reason was to protect my family and the people in my life who can't have the vaccine ­­− also because I am a nurse! I feel it's important to protect the larger community that I live and work in.”

Feeling unsure about getting the vaccine?

As a nurse, Lara gets it.

“I can certainly understand why people would be hesitant. However, for the last 12 months, some of the world's greatest leaders, developers, and health care professionals have come together to create a very safe vaccine. It’s a true testament to what our world can do when we work together and don't have a shortage of funds. This is what happens when the world works together for the common good!”

Why the COVID-19 vaccine was developed so quickly

For those not familiar with vaccine development, Lara explained that, in the past, some of the reason vaccines took so long to develop and approve was often due to financial restraints and slow-moving governmental approvals. This was not the case for the COVID-19 vaccines.

“The whole world put everything on pause for this – that’s why we've been able to accomplish something so quickly!”

Making the choice that’s best for you

As a mother, friend, and nurse, Lara stressed that it’s important you do your own research and talk to your trusted health care providers to determine if the vaccine is appropriate for you based on your individual health needs.

“People are bombarded with information from all sorts of media avenues. As a nurse I try to understand where I can fill in the blanks. I talk to my patients about whether it’s an appropriate personal choice, and if they feel that there is a need to protect other vulnerable people in their lives.”

Lara explained she’s had people come and get the vaccine not for themselves, but to protect other people in their lives. She added that for some people, the return of the “old normal” and travelling is their primary reason for receiving the vaccine.

“For some people, the reason they're getting a vaccine is so that they can eventually travel again.”

Lara’s personal sacrifice

Lara recently returned to work a year early from a parental leave to support the COVID-19 care of clients in Northern Health and the vaccine rollout and administration in her community. Like many retired nurses and other health professionals on leave, she was called to action. Lara has sacrificed personal time to care for those individuals and families fighting COVID-19 and to also support administration of vaccines in the Peace region.

“There’s a lot of health professionals busting their butts to help eradicate COVID-19!”

Lara said, “I’m hoping people really consider vaccination as a way to get us out of this pandemic. It has taken over our work lives and personal lives. Getting vaccinated is critical to protect ourselves, our families, and our community.”

How to get your vaccine

To learn how to register for and book a vaccine in your community, visit the Northern Health vaccine plan page.