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Students write to UHNBC teams to show support during COVID-19


Artwork and letters on display for staff at UHNBC.
Artwork and letters from grade 6/7 students in Ms. Nickason's class at Foothills Elementary School.

Bringing messages of joy to staff at UHNBC

In the final weeks of 2020, a group of grade 6/7 students at Foothills Elementary School in Prince George worked hard to help bring messages of joy to staff working at UHNBC.

They responded to a request for support from the medical library to help bring artwork to the library windows. These windows are easily seen by staff coming and going in the commons area of the Learning and Development Centre – a place where many staff take breaks throughout the day.

Armed with a list of job descriptions from throughout the hospital, the students set to work penning letters of gratitude and kindness as well as decorating hearts for display.

Letters to respiratory therapy, physiotherapy, cleaning, laundry, nursing and medical staff are available to view on the Library’s website and their artwork is posted there as well.

A shout-out to UHNBC Chief Respiratory Therapist, Richelle Maser, who took the extra step of printing copies of the letters and posting them in the ICU areas for staff to read on shift, and to Andrew Aucoin, Manager of Support Services, for sharing these with laundry and housekeeping team members.

Would you like to write back to these students?

Simply drop a comment below this blog post or send an email to library@northernhealth.ca. The library will collate and share these back with the class, which hopes to offer more ideas for joy in the hospital as 2021 unfolds.