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Spotlight on our people: Patty Poudrier, GoHealth BC travel nurse


Patty Poudrier, GoHealth BC travel nurse
Since Patty started working with GoHealth BC, she's been promoting it everywhere she goes.

Patty Poudrier is a Registered Nurse who has worked with GoHealth BC in a casual role since October 2020. Since she primarily works outside the program, this has given her the opportunity to expand her work locations, meet different people, and gain valuable experience that she uses in both her workplaces. 

Patty found out about GoHealth BC while browsing job boards one day. After interviewing for the program, she felt it was a good fit and decided to accept the position. As someone who has worked with nursing agencies in the past, Patty feels that GoHealth BC is different from agency employment. 

“I like GoHealth BC because you feel like an employee as opposed to a contract worker, and you do have that sense of security. You have a say in your schedule, you have a few extra perks, and just a more respectful work environment,” says Patty. “I’ve taken family members along to a couple of locations, which has allowed them to learn more about different parts of BC, and it’s been great.”

Since joining GoHealth BC, Patty has worked in Tumbler Ridge, Dawson Creek, Terrace, Fort St. James, Kamloops, and most recently Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. Although every community is different, one thing that remains consistent is the people. 

“Most sites are so thankful that nurses are there to support them and the one thing that's consistent with all the sites is the staff,” she says. “There are good managers and support staff that work throughout. I find that everybody is there for the same shared goal, and that's to meet the needs of the communities that that we serve.”

“Whether it's a Northern Health location or an Island Health location or Interior Health, each region is so individual and so diverse,” she adds. “There’s just so much to learn and it's interesting, getting to know the people and the areas and contributing to alleviating the healthcare shortages across the system.”

Since Patty has been with GoHealth BC, she's been promoting it everywhere she goes. So far, there are at least three nurses currently in the program who she has influenced to apply for positions. 

“I’ve been surprised at some of the beauty around the North that people don't really know about,” she says. “You want to keep going to new locations or back to old ones to experience them in different seasons and see what they have to offer.  A change is as good as a vacation, and that's what this program offers to people.”

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