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Spotlight on our people: Darla Umaming, GoHealth BC travel nurse


GoHealth BC nurse
LPN Darla made the switch from agency nursing to GoHealth BC, and is so glad she did!

Darla Umaming is an LPN from Calgary, Alberta, with a background in long-term care and home care. She moved to Regina, Saskatchewan a year ago and has spent the last 13 years nursing, with the bulk of her experience being in Calgary. When Darla first heard about GoHealth BC, she was working in Kitimat as an agency travel nurse. She applied and was interviewed in May 2023. She went on her first assignment in August and has completed two contracts with GoHealth BC, with more planned for the future.

Woman standing underneath the Alaska Highway sign
Darla visited the world-famous Alaska Highway while working in Dawson Creek.

One of the main things that interested Darla about the program was being employed by a health authority. “I still get the fun part of it -- travelling to other parts of BC -- but I also get to enjoy the medical and dental benefits, the pension plan, and gaining seniority,” says Darla.

Darla prefers working with GoHealth BC over agency employment for a variety of reasons.

“You get so much more with GoHealth BC,” she says. “For example, I get to have a rental car, so I don’t feel isolated being in a place that I don’t know. I get to go to Tim Hortons before my shift and little things like that. The other part is having a per diem for meals. It helps a lot compared to not having that with an agency.”

Since joining GoHealth BC, Darla has worked in Grand Forks and Dawson Creek. She went back to Kitimat over the Christmas holidays and again in February.

“There’s such a difference coming from a big urban city like Calgary to these rural communities. I just love how people know each other and generally look out for what’s best for everyone,” she says. “I also loved just seeing how beautiful the places are.”

Green Northern Lights above building in Dawson Creek.
Dawson Creek is a great place to see the Northern Lights.

Exploring more of BC is something Darla has been wanting to do for a while. She was happy to discover how many different communities GoHealth BC supports and is looking forward to exploring more of the province while working as a nurse. “Just being able to travel and work at the same time is such a huge thing,” she says.

Darla recommends GoHealth BC to other travel nurses: “I would say go do it, even just on a casual basis just to see how great the program is compared to being with an agency. If you’re already working as a travel nurse, try it and see what benefits the program has to offer.”

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