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Spotlight on our people: Claudia Kranabitter, GoHealth BC travel nurse


Go Health BC
The main reason travel nurse Claudia keeps coming back to Terrace is the people.

Claudia Kranabitter was born and raised in Banff, Alberta. She has done a lot of travelling but has mostly been based out of the Bow Valley, Canmore, and Banff area. She recently moved to Revelstoke, BC and is looking forward to working in communities closer to home in the Interior region with GoHealth BC. Claudia has been nursing for about five years and she started with GoHealth BC in October 2021.

“I initially heard about it when we moved up to Terrace for a little bit,” said Claudia. “I was looking for jobs and saw the posting on Northern Health and went ahead and spoke with a program lead. I started as casual, and then moved into a half-time role.”

While Claudia has mostly been working in Terrace, where she started with GoHealth BC, she is doing some work stints in Interior Health during the summer because it’s a bit closer to her home in Revelstoke.

But, the main reason Claudia has kept coming back to Terrace is the people.

“I really love the hospital. I love the people I work with,” said Claudia. “I really, really loved our manager on the floor there. I think she's one of the only managers I've truly ever worked with that will be there at 4 am if we're short-staffed and she's there to help us out. And coworkers are absolutely amazing up there, so it brought me back time and time again.”

To Claudia, flexibility is one thing GoHealth BC offers that you just can’t get anywhere else.

“I do love the flexibility. Just being able to create our own schedule and have a bit of variety into where we want to go makes a big difference,” Claudia shared. “I think working full time in the same location can get quite tedious, especially 12-hour shifts. Flexibility is pretty great and it's something new that we're seeing within a union case, which is pretty cool actually… It piques everyone's interest.”

In her five years of nursing, Claudia has also worked with traditional travel nursing agencies and health services.

“From my experience, within GoHealth BC, it's nice because we are with the union,” said Claudia. “I feel like we have a lot to back us up. If we ever need to reach out to somebody, we have a really good team to support us. I would say that compared to regular agency, it's not the same in terms of creating a family with your working environment. You have such a good support system in GoHealth BC, which is for me what kind of keeps me going with it.”

Claudia has also enjoyed the opportunities she’s had to learn new things. During her time as a nurse, she has mainly worked in Med Surgery. When she reached out to the team to say she’d like start working in Emergency, they were very supportive.

“It allows me to have some opportunities in different areas which I think is really, really cool.”

Claudia is looking forward to seeing the program grow to include more communities and attract more nurses from other provinces.  

“It's cool that we're adding different places in the Interior and some on the island. For some nurses coming out of province now and becoming part of the team, it's neat to explore other places.”

To learn more about the opportunities available with GoHealth BC, visit gohealthbc.ca.