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Spotlight on NH dietitians: How we support each other


Group of dietitians make silly faces
NH dietitians pose for a silly group photo at their annual RD face-to-face.

I’ve been working for Northern Health since the turn of the century. Seriously, I began in 1999. It’s been an interesting and varied career, but what keeps me engaged and inspired are the relationships I’ve developed with my peers. A yearly event that helps to foster these relationships and one that I look forward to with anticipation is our annual dietitian face-to-face gathering in Prince George. This event began in 2012 and has been successfully planned and executed in person each year, except for the few years that COVID prevented gathering. In those years, we switched to virtual, and now we do a combination of in-person gathering with remote options.

We make it our goal to foster relationships, but we're also developing common goals for professional practice and providing a venue for information-sharing and professional support. Here’s a glimpse of the 2023 sessions — a great mix of fun, reflection, dialogue, and problem-solving:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • We are all leaders
  • Felt applique craft: reflecting who we are
  • First Nations Health Authority - Introduction to the Nutrition team
  • Sticky situations in dietetics - World Cafe
  • Speed dating - get to know you
  • Recruitment and retention fishbowl discussion
  • Scavenger hunt – team-building

With March being Nutrition Month, I wanted to draw attention to the great work going on in Northern Health among the dietitians and say thank you to my fellow dietitians for putting in the time and effort to make these gatherings such a success!