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Qualitycast North: New episode features Dr. Matthew Wahab on seeing clearly in the emergency department


Dr. Matthew Wahab

In Episode 5 of Qualitycast North, Dr. Shyr Chui interviews emergency medicine physician Dr. Matthew Wahab, who shares how quality improvement helped him tackle the troublesome problem of a lack of proper vision tests being done on patients with eye complaints. Thanks to his quality improvement project, Dr. Wahab and his team were able to improve the percentage of completed vision tests for these patients from 57 per cent to 84 per cent.

Dr. Wahab spent several years as a software developer before deciding to pursue a career in medicine. He now loves going to work every day in the emergency department at UHNBC in Prince George, and greatly appreciates the good personal and professional quality of life that practicing in the North provides. He also discusses the importance of building a culture that’s tolerant of change, and how consistent communication with all stakeholders is key for quality improvement initiatives to be successful.

To listen to the episode, visit the Qualitycast North webpage.