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Qualitycast North: New episode features Dr. Anurag Singh on setting up a rural tele-kidney service


a picture of Dr. Anurag Singh  wearing a blue shirt and turban with green trees in the background

In Episode 3 of Qualitycast North, Dr. Shyr Chui interviews Dr. Anurag Singh, nephrologist and medical lead for the Northern Health Kidney Care program. Dr. Singh discusses the challenges he and his team face in providing a regional kidney care service across the massive geographical area of Northern BC, and how implementing a new telemedicine service improved care for patients in rural communities.

As well as improving access to care in rural communities, the tele-kidney care project helped increase the uptake of home dialysis to 22 per cent (making it the highest in the province), and resulted in patients being referred for services earlier in their disease progression. Access to tele-kidney care also resulted in savings of an average $375 in travel expenses and eliminated 839 km of travel per patient ($300,000 and 863,883 km total for all patients).

Dr. Singh also reflects on the professional rewards of practicing medicine in Northern BC, and the personal satisfaction of living in a community so close to nature.

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To listen to the episode, visit the Qualitycast North webpage.