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Qualitycast North: Dr. Jon Fine talks about caring for elderly patients


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In this episode, Dr. Fine talks about his upcoming retirement and work with elderly patients in Quesnel, BC.

In Episode 8 of Qualitycast North, Dr. Shyr Chui interviews Dr. Jon Fine about his work with elderly patients at GR Baker Memorial Hospital in Quesnel, BC. Dr. Fine began his career as a physician in 1976 when he was stationed in Germany with the British Royal Army Medical Corps. In 1981, he came to Canada and started a family practice in Quesnel, going on to create a geriatric assessment service in 1996.

Since then, he has continued to specialise in the care of elderly patients, leading multiple quality improvement projects aimed at minimizing their emergency room visits and hospital admissions. Dr. Fine emphasizes that quality health care should reflect the values of patients and their families, and should provide services to ensure that older people can enjoy their lives in comfort and dignity.

In this episode, Dr. Fine also reflects on the joys of living in Northern BC, such as skiing with his grandkids, fishing, and viewing wildlife from his own back yard. After over 40 years in medicine, Dr. Fine will begin enjoying a well deserved retirement starting on April 1, 2022.

To listen to the episode, visit the Qualitycast North webpage.