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Protecting the people around me, at home and in the workplace


Woman in a mask shows off a get vaccinated sticker
Kailey at the Prince George Civic Centre clinic after getting her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kailey Miller, regional director of workplace health and safety for Northern Health shares why she made the choice to get vaccinated. 

"Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic I’ve experienced two big moments of immense relief: The first was when vaccines became available for our healthcare workers to protect them, their loved ones, and the workplace; the second was when my family and I became eligible too.

"I was fortunate to receive my first dose earlier this summer. Before leaving for my appointment my five year old kindly reminded me “shots hurt,” with his kindergarten immunizations fresh in his memory.

"What he unintentionally reminded me is that vaccine advancements have been helping keep our children and our communities healthy for decades, and I trust this time is no different.

"Each vaccination brings us one step closer to the people we love and getting back to doing all the things that bring us joy, while reducing the chances of making others sick.

"Special thanks to Alex, an employed student nurse, and the Red Cross staff who assisted me at the clinic."