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Northeast residents share why they chose to get vaccinated


Man sitting in a chair with a blue shirt on
Rotary Manor resident, Jo Depellegrin chose to receive his vaccine.

The past few weeks have been a busy and exciting time as more and more Northerners receive their COVID-19 vaccines. Learn why two long-term care residents in the Northeast chose to get vaccinated.

Nurse gives older woman vaccine in arm.
Peace Villa resident Shirley Umruh receives her vaccine.

Dawson Creek

Rotary Manor resident, Jo Depellegrin (pictured above) shared, “I chose to receive the vaccine because I believe that it is a public duty to contribute to the data so that future recipients and generations can make informed decisions and educated choices to either be vaccinated or not. I’m happy to share that I didn’t experience any discomfort after receiving the vaccine.”

Fort St. John

Peace Villa resident, Shirley Umruh, shared, “I chose to get vaccinated so I can stay healthy and spend more years with my awesome daughter.”

In the photo below, Shirley sits with her daughter Linda McKinnon who is a registered care aide at Peace Villa (Linda is part of Shirley’s bubble but they’re wearing masks because they are in a public area).

Two women sit side by side on a bench wearing masks
Shirley and her daughter Linda McKinnon.

Where to find vaccine information

The best resources for information continue to be the Northern Health website’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan page, as well as local Northern Health Community Facebook groups.

Northerners are encouraged to visit the Northern Health website for details on their local appointment eligibility schedules – and to call to book COVID-19 appointments based on those dates to help the booking system operate more smoothly and ensure those who are eligible can be booked quickly and efficiently.