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New toll-free number for Adult Withdrawal Management Unit


The Nechako Centre is pictured.
The Nechako Centre, home to the Adult Withdrawal Management Unit

A new toll-free number (1-877-565-2175) is now available in Northern BC for the Adult Withdrawal Management Unit (AWMU).

AWMU is a safe withdrawal medical unit with 20 beds for adults. The unit supports clients withdrawing from drugs and alcohol through a trauma-informed, harm reduction, and multidisciplinary team approach. Qualified medical professionals who specialize in addictions supervise the unit, including psychiatry as needed.

The AWMU also provides:

  • SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) recovery groups
  • Trauma informed counselling
  • Recovery planning
  • Liaising with local and regional community resources
  • Treatment referral organization
  • Ministry income support (ministry staff on site)
  • Public health resources (PH Nurse on site weekly & connected to community Public Health clinic visits)

In Prince George, many patients are referred to the Opioid Agonist Treatment Services (OATS) Clinic for appointments after discharge (if they need continued medical and clinical staff supports). 

The toll free number (1-877-565-2175), which is for Northern BC, connects patients, their families, and care providers to a skilled clinical staff member who determines admission based on patients needs. The time for admission will vary depending on an individual patient’s medical needs and location (for example, if the patient is traveling from another community).

AWMU services and supports focus on what the individuals are prepared to do “now,” with priority given to realistic and achievable goals. They aim to help people move from a state of chaos, to a state of control over their own life and health, and to overcome the negative impacts of substance use in order to build a satisfying and meaningful life.