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New “Sim Mom” helps train health care professionals in labour and birth


two health care professionals using mannequin for medical simulation
New simulation equipment "Sim Mom" gives Northern BC health professionals hands-on practice with pregnancy and birth scenarios.

The Northern Clinical Simulation program recently received a $60,000 “Sim Mom” simulator from the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation. This gives health care professionals more exposure and opportunities to practice various labour and birth scenarios.

The full-body simulator, which mimics human functionality, is now available for use for a number of health professionals including: obstetricians, family physicians, medical students, registered nurses, midwives, and student nurses.

“The simulator facilitates effective team training through rehearsing the normal birth process as well emergency situations,” says Silvana Todorovska, Clinical Nurse Educator. “This training will contribute to early recognition of complications, thus providing rapid coordinating response of the obstetrical team. This will ultimately lead to preventing adverse outcomes and improved patient care and safety.”

The ongoing support of the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation has allowed the Northern Clinical Simulation program to continue to develop the best quality of care in the North. This translates into better patient outcomes throughout the region. The program is a partnership between Northern Health, the UNBC School of Nursing, and the Northern Medical Program.