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Humble brag: Thank you NH Connections passengers!


A man leans on an NH Connections bus.
From our drivers and staff, “thank you!”

Since its inception in 2006, Northern Health (NH) Connections has had tons of great customers. This past year (2018), we served 15,158 riders, an increase of 15% from 2017!

At NH Connections, we’re always searching for valuable feedback from passengers. It helps us improve by letting us look through the eyes of a rider to see what’s important to them. While we’re searching for critiques from clients, we’d be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t revel a little in the wonderful notes and messages left behind by so many happy passengers!

Here are some of our favourite passenger reviews:

  • “This bus service is one of the best things done for people in our area of the province. Great service, wonderful drivers, thank you all so much!!”
  • “I want to send a huge thank you to our NHC driver. l took the bus to and from Quesnel and she made the trip enjoyable and relaxing. Coming home, the roads were bad, but she handled it like a pro. She treated everybody like family and was very friendly and helpful. Thank you. l can see you love your job and are good with people. Keep up the good work.”
  • “Professional courtesy is definitely number one. The driver herself welcomed you aboard, with humour and fun. While she was thorough, never once was there a feeling of being ignored. She introduced herself as Arlene, and said to sit back and relax. She told us to enjoy the scenes, encouraged safety, and to please buckle up. Arlene mentioned there would be more passengers along the way, and that we may need to share. Well, can’t say enough about driver Arlene. Northern Health [Connections] takes away the stress of travel, knowing the passengers on this bus are already dealing with issues of health, and stressed quite enough. So I tip my hat to that wonderful trip to Vancouver and driver Arlene. Thank you once again to Northern Health for their dedication and professionalism.”

It’s these kind words about our service and drivers that inspire us, every day, to do the very best we can for riders and their health. Thank you so much, passengers! We hope to be there for you in the future, if you need it!

For information on our drivers, how to book trips, and more, please visit: nhconnections.ca