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Health care providers gearing up to keep you safe


A side view of a nurse wearing a face mask and gown.
There's no need to worry if you see health care professionals wearing precautionary safety gear.

Hospital staff are taking additional precautions, and there is no need for alarm if you see someone wearing this. This is normal protective gear that you may see health care workers wearing if they’re testing for any type of respiratory illness, including influenza or COVID-19. This is a precautionary measure as prescribed by our Provincial Health Office.

Two health care professionals wear gloves, gowns, and face masks with eye shields.

Please note the equipment pictured would be used for an aerosolized generating medical procedures (AGMP), not for screening or routine care. AGMPs include intubation, open-airway suctioning, bronchoscopy, sputum induction, CPR, CPAP or BiPAP.

Two nurses show their gloved hands.