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Flying objects over UHNBC


Large construction crane in front of a hospital facility.
A specialized crane, which had to be built on site, was required to lift the air handling unit in separate pieces to the roof of UHNBC for installation. Some of these pieces weighed upwards of 15,500 lbs.

If you were near the University Hospital of Northern BC (UHNBC) in Prince George the morning of July 6, 2023, you may have seen a strange sight: A large metal frame being lifted over the hospital by an even larger crane.

Getting the frame to the roof was actually the first of a series of lifts that were needed to install a new air handling unit at UHNBC, which is part of a large $10 million renovation project to redevelop the main laboratory space. This air handling unit will provide cooling for the main lab and part of the chemistry department renovation project.

This project is happening in four phases over the next five years. This first phase involves installing the air handling unit to provide proper cooling for the new chemistry analyzers that are being installed. Phases two to four will relocate various departments and see renovations to the departments of hematology, transfusion, and specimen logistics.

The chemistry analyzers will lead to faster sample testing for patients, and in turn, better turnaround times for results. It will also be able to handle increased testing volume and provide additional testing platforms.

To support this work, a section of parking off Alward street was blocked off to allow space for the crane to work.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during the disruption that this work caused and thank the City of Prince George for their assistance in allowing off-street parking during this time.