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Experience nursing and earn money before you graduate with the Employed Student Nurse Program


Kirby and her dog Louie
Kirby and her dog Louie

Employed Student Nurse (ESN) season is coming up! If you're a second - or third-year nursing student (or equivalent) and looking to get valuable paid practice experience (or if you know someone who is), the ESN Program is for you! The ESN program is accepting job applications November 1-30. There are summer and year-round positions available. Learn more about the program and how to apply on the Northern Health website.  

Below, Kirby, a 2023 ESN, shares her experience as an ESN and the benefits she experienced from the program.  

“I feel quite nervous about graduating, but I know that by gaining more experience I will be setting myself up for as much success as possible moving forward. Throughout my education, I have participated in the ESN program and have felt fortunate to have experienced a diverse range of employment sites, including the Mackenzie and District Regional Hospital and the Early Psychosis Intervention, Eating Disorders, and Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect clinics. Currently I am working on the surgical floor of UHNBC.  

My ESN experience has been dynamic, engaging, challenging, and full of learning. I very much appreciate this opportunity to gain relevant work experience, build critical thinking skills, and develop both confidence and independence while exploring potential workplaces in safe and supportive environments. I can't recommend the ESN experience enough!”