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NH regional Public Health Orders revised; worship services allowed with vaccination

Northern Health (NH) is updating public health orders for Gatherings and Events, to align with Provincial Health Officer Orders, and to allow worship services with COVID-19 safety requirements in place, including vaccination.

The regional public health orders covering all of the NH region are in response to sustained rates of COVID-19 activity and the impact on health care resources.  

Ensuring access to Diagnostic Imaging in Northwest BC

Northern Health’s acute care facilities in Northwest BC are working with physicians, and provincial patient transfer partners to ensure patients have continued access to diagnostic imaging for their care needs.

COVID-19 – Outbreak declared over at Peace Villa, Fort St. John – Meadow House

Northern Health Medical Health Officers have declared an end to a COVID-19 outbreak on Meadow House at Peace Villa in Fort St. John.

Since the outbreak was declared on November 4, three residents and three staff tested positive for COVID-19 in association with the outbreak. Sadly, one resident who had tested positive in association with this outbreak has passed away.

There have been no new cases associated with the outbreak since early November.

Overdose Alert: Quesnel

Northern Health and FNHA logos

There has been an increase in overdose events in the community of Quesnel. The reported substance is light purple/blue in powder/pebbles sold as down, when broken apart it turns pink.

This substance is highly toxic, causes heavy and prolonged sedation, and requires more naloxone to reverse. Overdoses are occurring when the substance is injected.

Northern Health Connections modified holiday schedule 2021

The Northern Health Connections program will run on a modified schedule starting December 21, leading up to a holiday season break.

NH Connections provides transportation for clients travelling to non-emergent health services outside their home communities. A variety of routes connect communities across Northern BC, along with service to Vancouver. Demand for the service typically drops over the holiday season as fewer people book health care appointments.

NH regional Public Health Orders REVISED

Northern Health (NH) has updated and revised regional public health orders, in response to current and sustained rates of COVID-19 activity and the impact on health care resources.

The NH regional Public Health Order on Gatherings and Events took effect at midnight (November 30, 2021), and includes updated measures for the entire NH region.

COVID-19 – Outbreak declared at St. Ann's Catholic School, Quesnel

Northern Health has declared a COVID-19 outbreak at St. Ann’s School in Quesnel after COVID-19-positive cases were identified among staff and students.

To date, 27 cases of COVID-19 are associated with the outbreak, the result of several smaller clusters of cases. Outbreak-associated cases are those who had tested positive and were in the school setting during their potentially infectious period, but does not mean they acquired COVID-19 in the school environment.