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World Hepatitis Day: Simple, free, effective treatment is available!


a yellow and pink graphic that reads "Hep C can be cured"
July 28 is World Hepatitis Day! The Northern Health Specialized Support Team for HIV and HCV (hepatitis C virus) wants to share important information about HCV and its treatment.

On World Hepatitis Day (July 28), Northern Health’s Specialized Support Team (SST) for HIV and HCV wants to share that:

  • Treatment for the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is available as a pill you have to take just once a day, for only 8-12 weeks. It has very few side effects and cures more than 95 per cent of people.
  • Taking the pill stops injury to the liver, helps prevent liver failure, and lowers the risk of liver cancer.
  • You can be treated for hepatitis C more than once, and you can still do the treatment even if you have a substance use disorder.

Treatment for hepatitis C used to be very expensive, but for most people, the cost is now completely covered through either private insurance or PharmaCare. To have your treatment paid for:

  • You must be registered with MSP and Fair PharmaCare (unless you’re on a PharmaCare plan such as Plan C or Plan W).
  • Your doctor or nurse practitioner must submit the PharmaCare Special Authority form.
  • If you have to pay a deductible, you can help cover the cost by asking your doctor or nurse practitioner to sign you up for one of the drug company patient assistance programs.

Information for health care providers

Northern Health’s Specialized Support Team is here to help all Northern health care providers who are caring for patients with HIV and/or hepatitis C. The pharmacist and social worker on the team are well versed in all aspects of care, from the social factors that can impact a patient’s ability to follow treatment, to the logistics required to access medication. They’re available to answer questions and provide consultations to health care providers, as well as to work directly with patients as required.

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