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Why one Dawson Creek resident got her COVID-19 vaccine


Woman shows off a sticker that says she got her vaccine
Erin Steward, an administrative assistant in Dawson Creek, shares a smile after getting her COVID-19 vaccine.

There are many reasons why Northerners have chosen to get their COVID-19 vaccine. For some, it’s a public duty; for others, it’s a way to protect their loved ones.

For Dawson Creek resident Erin Steward there were two reasons she got her shot

“I felt very lucky to have received my vaccine, as many are still waiting, and I feel like it’s a light at the end of this very long dark tunnel that this past year has been.” 

“I also did it to support my fellow NH co-workers… the nurses, the physicians, housekeeping staff… everyone! We need to do our part to protect those most vulnerable, and I am happy that this can be my small contribution to that.”

Thank you for sharing your photo and story Erin!

Have you got your COVID-19 vaccine?

If you’re eligible to book and haven’t got your shot yet, the vaccine is safe and effective. It helps protect you and those around you. To get your shot, follow these three steps:

3 steps to getting a vaccine
To book your vaccine appointment, it’s important to register first.

For more information, visit the Northern Health COVID-19 vaccine plan webpage. Please note, some communities may have specific instructions for booking appointments.