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When it comes to health information, local is always better!


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No matter where you are in northern BC, there's a group near you!

Are you following the Northern Health Facebook page? We hope so! We’re working hard to consistently provide factual, useful information and resources to help keep all residents of Northern BC informed and healthy.

But, do you want to connect with NH at a more local level? What if there was a place where you could ask questions and discuss health services, resources, and news in your specific area of Northern BC?

Good news: There’s an NH Facebook Community Group near you!

Challenges often create opportunities, and since one of our challenges has always been the massive area we cover – nearly two-thirds of BC – we jumped at the chance to create a way for our unique communities to talk about health and connect with NH in a more local way. We currently have 23 community groups that span the whole NH region.

  • These groups focus on a variety of topics, such as:
  • Health concerns and questions in your community
  • Health resources
  • Information on NH services and facilities in your community
  • Stories of Northern Health staff, physicians, and medical staff and the great things they do to help promote healthy lifestyles in Northern BC

We encourage everyone to join their local group and become a part of the discussion. We love to hear ideas, shout-outs, and highlight healthy living opportunities and programs going on in your community!