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Upgraded pharmacy services for DCDH and FSJH


DCDH Pyxis Machines

The Dawson Creek and District Hospital (DCDH) and Fort St. John Hospital (FSJH) recently received an upgrade to pharmacy services with the installation of new Pyxis machines.

Pyxis machines are automated medication dispending cabinets that store a variety of medications for patients. The previous Pyxis machines were purchased over 10 years ago, had reached their end of life, and were subjected to IT security risks and irreparable hardware failure.

The machines were upgraded from the Pyxis 4000 to the Pyxis ES. Staff, nurses, and medical staff will benefit from new features and more user-friendly software. The new machines are also now aligned with the rest of Northern Health’s Pyxis systems for consistency across facilities.

DCDH received four new Pyxis machines in the emergency department, medical and surgical inpatient unit, and psychiatric unit. FSJH received nine new Pyxis machines for use in the emergency department, the medical and surgical inpatient unit, and in ambulatory care, critical care and maternity care areas.

The cost to upgrade DCDH was $355,000 and the cost to upgrade FSJH was $745,000. These costs included purchasing the equipment, installation, training, and minor renovations. Both sites also received a few new medical fridges in addition to the new Pyxis machines.

The Pyxis machine upgrade project began in early January and was completed at the beginning of October 2023.

Photos: New DCDH Pyxis machines

DCDH Pyxis MachinesDCDH Pyxis MachinesDCDH Pyxis Machines

Photos: New FSJH Pyxis machines

FSJH Pyxis machinesFSJH Pyxis machines