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Team-based approach getting patients moving: One nurse’s perspective


Entrance to University Hospital of Northern British Columbia

At the University Hospital of Northern BC (UHNBC) in Prince George, there’s an added focus on helping people stay mobile so they can return home.

Located on the second floor, the new Primary Care Medical Unit (PCMU) uses a team-based approach to rehabilitation services to keep patients strong, mobile, and active during their time in the hospital.

“The idea behind the floor is early mobilization,” says Kim, a registered nurse with the new unit. “We want to get people back into their community with the supports they need as soon as they can. [Patients are] encouraged to get up and moving and be social. There’s no TVs in the rooms – people can go and watch in the common area. It’s a way to get people up and motivated.”

“We have a nice team atmosphere — you feel supported,” she adds. “The team lead is right there and is really accessible. We have a physiotherapist and occupational therapist, so if I need help assessing how someone transfers, or if they need a wheelchair, I can run over and get their help pretty quickly. We have team huddles for care goals, and patients can have input on their care too.”

Northern Health knows that, overall, people do best in their own homes, and the Primary Care Medical Unit is helping get patients home and sleeping in their own beds as soon as possible.

“We like when we can get people home and back to their routine,” says Kim.