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Talking to an 8-year-old about the COVID-19 vaccine


Young child sits on stairs next to small dog
Jackson (with the help of Musket the dog) explains why he’s excited to get the COVID-19 vaccine, now that he’s eligible.

Now that children ages 5-11 are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, I wanted to learn more about what kids think of the vaccine. I decided to sit down with my 8-year-old nephew, Jackson, and ask him about the COVID-19 vaccine and why he’s excited to get it. Here’s our conversation:

Hi, Jackson! Why do you want to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

I want to get the COVID-19 vaccine because it makes me feel safe to do the things I like to do, like travelling. I really like to travel with my family; we used to travel before the COVID-19 pandemic started. I’ll feel safer travelling again when I get vaccinated.

I’m also excited to be able to help keep my family safe, especially my grandparents and my younger sister, who isn’t old enough to get the vaccine. I also really like to play with the other kids on my street and at school, so if I get the vaccine I can help keep them safe.

What would you say to kids who are nervous about getting a needle?

I’ve had some needles before, like the flu shot needle, so I know that needles can be scary. If other kids said they were nervous, I would say that they might feel a pinch or a prick from the needle, but it’s worth it to get the vaccine so that they can be protected from COVID-19. I think it’s better to get the needle and feel a small pinch than to get COVID-19, because COVID can make you sick and it can make people around you sick. I would also tell my friends to ask their parents if they have questions about the vaccine and the needle.

What would you say to families who are worried about the COVID-19 vaccine?

I think families should talk about the vaccine together. I’ve learned from my parents that scientists have tested the vaccine a lot and it’s safe to get; a lot safer than getting COVID-19.

What will you do right after getting the vaccine?

I will get a fun snack!

Thanks Jack! Is there anything else you want to say to people about the COVID-19 vaccine?

Everyone who can get the COVID-19 vaccine should get it! I’m tired of the COVID-19 pandemic and I’m excited to get the vaccine so I can help end the pandemic. If more people get the vaccine, then the pandemic will be over faster and we can do more fun things. You can do it!


Vaccines for ages 5-11: Tips and resources

If you’re interested in having your child vaccinated, please register them in the provincial system. You’ll be notified when a clinic is available in your community.

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