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Spotlight on our people: Kris Kristjanson, GoHealth BC travel nurse


Go Health Kris Kristjanson
View of the doc at Cow Bay Marina, Prince Rupert
Prince Rupert is always Kris's first choice when scheduling work with GoHealth BC.

Kris Kristjanson, a registered nurse and longtime resident of Kamloops, transitioned from full-time nursing in 2019 to his current casual position with GoHealth BC. In 2020, when he was working casually at the Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre, there was a provincial call for nurses to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kris first traveled to Prince George to help at the Jubilee Lodge long-term care facility, then to Prince Rupert, where he first heard about GoHealth BC.

In fall 2021, Kris joined the organization, providing relief staffing in long-term care facilities, primarily in Prince Rupert.

Being able to travel and see more of BC was something that attracted Kris to GoHealth BC.

“I’ve been nursing for a long time, so I thought it would be interesting to see a bit more of the province and have an opportunity to travel,” he says. “When I was working in Kamloops at the hospital, I was able to travel, but not too much, so this was a good opportunity. I was born and raised in Manitoba in a rural community, so living and working in a rural place was appealing to me.”

Acropolis Manor, Prince Rupert
“The staff at Acropolis Manor are very welcoming and supportive,” says Kris.

So far Kris has worked in Prince George, Fort St. John, and Prince Rupert.

“I like Prince Rupert -- it’s right on the ocean, so it really is a lovely spot,” he says. “It’s a small community, but not too tiny, so I’m able to go to the recreation centre and the gym. They have a performing arts centre and a wonderful museum.”

“There’s not much snow here,” says Kris, who enjoys the milder weather in Prince Rupert. “It’s pretty mild along the ocean, so it doesn’t typically get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.”

Kris enjoys the flexibility of being a casual travel nurse with GoHealth BC.

“I can choose how much time I want to spend working,” he says. “I’ve figured out that it works best for me to come up for three weeks at a time.”

Kris would recommend working as a travel nurse with GoHealth BC for many reasons: “GoHealth BC provides transportation to the site and accommodation. They also provide a vehicle, which is essential when you’re living in a small community,” he says. “I’ve worked alongside other travel nurses from agencies who don’t have that support.”

​​​​​​​​Ocean view from Prince Rupert​​​​​​​“GoHealth BC also provides a per diem for meals,” he says. ”Even though GoHealth BC provides me with an apartment with a kitchen, you’re not at home where you have access to all your staples to cook with. So, I would say that GoHealth BC provides great support for nurses!”

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Sunset and ocean view at Prince rupert