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Spirit hits the ice for the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation


That’s a big cheque! Northern Health raised over $700 for the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation at the Cougars game!
Three men holding a large cheque in front of a red sign Prince George Cougars.
Pictured above, Caleb Wilson (Prince George Cougars), Curtis Mayes (Spirit of the North), and Robbie Pozer (Northern Health).

Some members of the Northern Health Communications Team were at the CN Centre to cheer on the Prince George Cougars and raise money for the Spirit of the North Health Care Foundation!

The team brought along some health resources, including flu information and the Northern Health Connections Bus! Spirit the Caribou even stopped by for some high fives and to meet up with old buddies, Rowdy Cat and Santa Claus.

A big thank you to our volunteers who didn't make the photos - Kaili Keough, Anne Scott, Cheona Edzerza, and Tianna Pius.

Check out some of the night in the photos below!

Group of men and women standing behind tables.
The Northern Health and Northern Health Connections booths. Lots of great resources were available here and chuck-a-pucks were sold to raise money for the Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation. From left to right: Fiona MacPherson, Jesse Priseman, Sanja Knezevic, Bailee Denicola, Anne Scott, Mike Erickson, Brandan Spyker, And Haylee Seiter.
Man dress in a red and white Santa suit standing beside Spirit the Caribou mascot.
Spirit the Caribou and his good buddy Santa Claus talking about how all the reindeer are doing up north.
Spirit mascot riding on a zamboni at a hockey rink.
Spirit hopped on the Fanboni to throw out some stuffed animals to the Cougars faithful.
Spirit the mascot and a smiling young man wearing a red and black checked shirt.
Spirit and his buddy Robbie, wondering where Rowdy Cat is?
Spirit the caribou mascot and Rowdy the cougar mascot standing with arms around each other.
Spirit and his buddy Rowdy Cat hanging out cheering on the Cougars!