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Qualitycast North: Leadership for healthcare quality, featuring Cathy Ulrich


CEO Cathy Ulrich sits smiling on a bench at the Nechako river
Cathy Ulrich, CEO of Northern Health

The Northern Health Physician Quality Improvement (PQI) podcast Qualitycast North continues with its second season. 

Have you ever wondered what the CEO of a large, complex, healthcare organization does, or how leadership and governance support quality care? In Episode 4 of Qualitycast North, Dr. Shyr Chui explores the relationship between quality and healthcare leadership in a conversation with the longest serving Health Authority CEO in recent provincial (BC) history. Cathy Ulrich, CEO of Northern Health, shares her journey from an early career in rural nursing, to rural operational leadership, and eventually to strategic leadership.  

Cathy also outlines her top four lessons for successful leadership, and discusses her love of gardening, her appreciation for the people within the organization of Northern Health and the people we serve in the communities of Northern BC.   

To listen to the episode, visit the Qualitycast North webpage