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Printable cards can help you help your neighbours


An image of the printable cards that people can use to help their neighbours.
Print, distribute, help (safely)!

Just because we have to stay apart doesn’t mean we can’t share acts of kindness. There are many ways that we can show up and support our friends, families, and neighbours, including those who are isolating, while still practising physical distancing.

A great idea from England

One way to let others know that you’re able to help is by distributing printable cards around your neighbourhood. In England, a woman named Becky Wass came up with this simple and practical way to help her community: she shared cards to let her neighbours know she was available to help. After sharing her postcard on Facebook, her idea quickly went viral.

Safely offering assistance to vulnerable community members

Like this idea? We were inspired too! We’ve designed some printable cards that you can use to let others know you are available to help. These cards are a safe way to offer assistance to seniors or other vulnerable community members who may need help collecting groceries, posting mail, or gathering other supplies. These printable cards are found in our Northern Health Guide for Your Community (page 21).

Helping others can help you feel better

It’s easy to see why Becky’s idea took off so quickly – helping others is not only good for your community, it can help you feel better as well. And, if you do gather supplies for a neighbour, remember to wash your hands, practise physical distancing, and leave any shopping outside, if possible.