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Pregnant and protected from COVID-19


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Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 was important for Katelyn and her baby's health.

My name is Katelyn Bernier, I received my first vaccine in my home town of Dawson Creek, BC. I am a hotel front desk agent, and we see tons of travelers every day. So I chose to get my vaccine while I was 31 weeks pregnant. I chose to get the vaccine because I didn’t want my baby to be defenseless against this new world we live in. I also worried for my own safety because if I were to get COVID-19, especially while pregnant, it could be fatal. My immune system is already under stress and being an asthmatic wouldn’t help me recover. I’m currently waiting my time to receive my 2nd dose, which I will hopefully get before my due date in December.

Find a COVID-19 vaccination clinic

To find a COVID-19 vaccination clinic near you, visit the Northern Health COVID-19 immunization clinics page.