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Our top 5 stories of 2019


A collage of images from the top stories of 2019.
2019 was an educational and inspiring year of stories!

Well, another trip around the sun is finished, and boy, things have changed in the Northern Health (NH) story world! We swapped our old blog site (RIP) and built a b-e-a-utiful new NH Story site, gaining new authors, touching on new subjects, and having a ton of fun in the process!

Such excitement and reflection calls for a review of the past year! We’ve read the analytics and heard the general consensus from our audiences, and without further adieu, here are the top five stories of 2019:

Celebrating our values in action: Northern Health’s staff-award winners

Seeing our employees honoured might be one of our favourite things, which is why we love to see articles like this one! Have a read through to see CEO Cathy Ulrich and NH Board Chair Colleen Nyce present awards to Jennifer Haas, Theresa Healy, Dr. Anthon Meyer, and Gene Saldana in categories connected to each of NH’s core values: empathy, respect, collaboration, and innovation.

Our People: Spotlight on Dr. Aryn Khan, Physician in Vanderhoof

Our fourth most viewed story of the year showcases Dr. Aryn Khan, an amazing physician who lives in Vanderhoof! Read on to find out what Dr. Khan has to say about her job, and her life, in the Northern Interior!

Fort St. John doctor brings new frostbite treatment to Northern BC

Thanks to Dr. Wilkie in Fort St. John, Northerners will likely keep a few more fingers and toes during this frighteningly cold winter! How topical for today’s conditions (below -30C at time of writing). Check out more about this new treatment.

Garry’s story: Coordinated team care + courage add up to a remarkable recipe for change

Garry McPhee, 50, struggled with alcohol addiction, suffered from seizures, and was homeless for much of his adult life. Luckily for people who struggle with both substance use and mental illness in Fort St. John, there is the Intensive Case Management Team. Find out how they helped Garry on to bigger and better things.

“Don’t judge us. None of us want to die.” A success story of a woman struggling with addiction

“If it wasn’t for naloxone, I’d be dead.” Powerful words from our top-read story of 2019, and a true success story. Taking charge of her life, Terri-Lyn worked through addiction to become sober. Learn about Teri-Lynn, her battle with addiction, and, most importantly, how she came out on top.

After the amazing stories from 2019, we can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!

If you’re a Northern Health employee and are interested in writing for us, please email healthpromotions@northernhealth.ca. If you’ve authored for us before, thank you, and we hope you pick up the pen again soon!

Thanks for reading!