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Our People: Spotlight on Barb Haagenson


Woman on a trail hiking in snow during winter.

Barb Haagenson is a social worker on the primary care interprofessional team in Tumbler Ridge. She joined the team in September 2018, moving from Powell River, BC.

Can you tell me about your role as a social worker?

Currently, I’m working as a social worker and focusing on people struggling with mental health and substance use issues. I work with adults, and I also do traditional social worker jobs, such as helping with applications for disability and assisting with finding housing for people. I’m working on expanding my knowledge and helping people that are receiving home and community care or palliative services.

When I was doing my undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria, we learned about the perspective of generalism, described at school as a basic grounding of integration of practice, policy, and research at each system level of practice. It’s about a broader view of work among and across systems. I’ve done a lot of work with people and this perspective just fits. Whatever comes up in a person’s life, that’s what we work on with them.

I bring a generalist lens to every patient that comes to see me. For example, if they’re coming to talk to me because they struggle with depression, I also look to see if there are housing or economic struggles. I feel fortunate because I’m biased towards having a generalist perspective. There is such a huge benefit of working this way for the patient – they come to me to discuss what’s important to them and I work with them where they’re at.

I did my graduate degree at the University of BC – Okanagan. It was more specialized with a clinical focus. I learned with nurses and other health care professionals and worked in an interprofessional way – it felt like a good fit.

What brought you to Tumbler Ridge?

I really enjoy living and working in remote and rural places. When I was exploring options for work, the North was one of my first choices. I feel really grateful to be working and living where I am. The interprofessional team approach fits with how I want to work and so the team in Tumbler Ridge, combined with the community, was a great fit for my life.