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Our People: Jillian Hedstrom, Primary Care Clinic Coordinator, Fraser Lake


A point of view photo from sitting within a blue kayak, looking at a horizon of lakeshore against a blue lake and a sunny blue sky.
Jill's favourite view of Fraser Lake: "Sunny days on the lake are also amazing and I am grateful every day that I have the opportunity to live on the lake."

Jillian Hedstrom entered the world of health care straight out of high school, and finding that it provides a wide variety of career opportunities, she hasn’t looked back!

Born and raised in Fraser Lake, Jill moved to Calgary for a brief time after graduating, then to Prince George where she joined the Northern Health team as a Lab Assistant and then a Cardiology Tech. She finally returned to her hometown in 2017.

Now, the Primary Care Clinic Coordinator in Fraser Lake, Jill spends her days with scheduling, staffing and supporting the primary care assistant. She also serves as a Practice Support Coach, assisting physicians with quality improvement.

A truly dedicated community and health care team member, we’re happy to showcase Jillian in the NH “Our People” series!

Tell me about a day in your life as Primary Care Clinic Coordinator in Fraser Lake!

Busy! Every minute is full but it’s exciting. To see positive changes and be part of a team committed to improving health care in our community makes the days seem short. 

What do you like about the community you live in?  

I love how everything is familiar and I take comfort in knowing that friends and family are nearby. It’s hard to become part of a community in a larger city, but here, it’s just natural. My kids are growing up while creating memories that will last forever. Sunny days on the lake are also amazing and I am grateful every day that I have the opportunity to live on the lake.  

Is there anything you’d like people to know about health care in Fraser Lake?

Our community is lucky to have a health centre that provides many services it does. We may be limited because we’re a small town but we can choose to focus on the advantages that a small town health centre provides, such as familiar faces who are part of your health care team, accessibility, dedicated staff, and continuous improvements that are directly related to community concerns.  

What’s your favourite thing to do outside work?

Hands down, read. At any given time if the opportunity is there to read, I will take it. Sometimes I plan my day around creating dedicated time to read and have learned to take advantage of audiobooks. 

What would you say to anyone wanting to get into your kind of career?

It’s a great career so I would encourage it! I appreciate what previous jobs have taught me, so don't be afraid to start anywhere in health care, recognize what motivates you, and build from there. All experience is important and can be translated into a new role.