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Northern Health launches HealtheLife patient portal


HealtheLife launch graphic
Access your personal lab results and more from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Northern Health has launched the HealtheLife patient portal, where Northern BC residents who received care at a Northern Health hospital or urgent and primary care centre can view hospital-based health information, including COVID-19 results, online.

Whether accessing the portal on a computer or smartphone, Northern BC residents can also view upcoming appointments, additional lab tests, and imaging results.

Making it easier for patients to access information

HealtheLife is another tool, similar to NH Check In, that NH has developed to make physical distancing easier in health care settings. Use of the portal is optional, and patients can still go to their clinic or doctor’s office to get test results. For help understanding test results and advice on next steps, patients will still need to consult with their health care provider.

“This is the result of years of collaboration focused on improving coordinated and accessible services to patients and their families all over the North,” says Bjorn Butow, Northern Health’s director, clinical information systems. “Empowering people to access their own health information through secure patient portals is a growing trend across the province.”

Before being made available to the public, HealtheLife was tested by Northern Health staff members. More than 430 staff members signed up to help test it, and feedback was positive.

For more information about HealtheLife and how to sign up, visit the Northern Health’s HealtheLife public webpage.