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Nice to meet you… virtually!


Virtual hiring event
Chat with a recruiter in one of our virtual hiring events.

It’s no secret – Northern Health (NH) recruiters are travelling all over to chat with health care professionals, telling them about the great opportunities in Northern BC. But our recruiters are not your typical recruiters… they don’t sleep, you never see them eat – there has even been speculation that they may not be from our world. Beyond these mysteries, NH recruiters (most of all) are always hungry to meet more candidates and health care professionals! They crave more, more, MORE!

That’s why the NH Recruitment team is now so excited to be able to host virtual hiring events through our NH Indeed account! We recently piloted a one-day virtual hiring event featuring job opportunities for mental health and addictions clinicians. The event was a full day of virtual meetings hosted by two NH recruiters. The turnout was fantastic:

  • 82 RSVPs
  • 49 attendees
  • 24 candidates flagged for follow-up
  • 3 hires and counting!

The jam-packed day was well worth it results-wise, and the two hosting recruiters had nothing but good things to say about the experience. Unfortunately, you guessed it – they still want MORE!

Be on the lookout for additional virtual hiring events featuring different professions coming your way soon! Events can be found on our NH Indeed page and will also be promoted though our social channels. Be sure to follow NH Careers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter! Remember, every follow/tag/comment/share helps us recruit for the North!