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New video resource: Preparing for respectful conversations


a graphic of a computer playing a scene from the video with two characters talking to one another
This video is intended primarily for any individual who works in a health care setting but can also be applicable to other workplace settings.

Produced in collaboration by the National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health and Northern Health’s Indigenous Health department, this video offers a simple set of strategies to help people prepare for respectful conversations when experiencing or witnessing discriminatory behaviour in the workplace. This video is intended mainly for those who work in a health care setting, but it will also be useful for workplaces in other sectors.

Interpersonal communication is complex. By giving people communication skills and techniques to anticipate, prepare for, and effectively respond to potentially difficult situations such as experiences of discrimination and anti-Indigenous racism, this video can help mitigate conflict in the workplace.

Practicing the strategies presented in this video will support development of a “speak up” culture in which people are empowered to effectively address situations involving discrimination and anti-Indigenous racism.

Watch the full video and access the companion document on the Indigenous Health website.