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New HealthElife feature! Pathology reports now available in 3 days


Pathology report image
Pathology reports can be found on HealthElife, Northern Health's patient portal.

Starting today, Sept 11, 2023, pathology reports in the Northern Health HealthElife patient portal will be available after 3 days instead of 7.  

For those who currently use HealthElife, this shortened pathology report release time means you will receive your pathology reports faster. It will also help you prepare questions in advance of meeting with your care provider as needed. 

What is a pathology report?  

A pathology report is a medical document describing the examination of tissue by a pathologist. A pathologist is a specialist medical doctor who works closely with the other doctors in your healthcare team. If you have questions, MyPathologyReport.ca is an educational tool created by doctors to help patients read and understand their pathology reports.  Patients are always encouraged to review their results with their provider. 

Why are some reports released before others in HealthElife? 

The delays give your family doctor or nurse practitioner time to review the report and contact you if needed. The current delays are: up to 24 hours for lab tests, 3 days for pathology results, and 7 days for medical imaging. 

What is HealthElife?  

HealthElife is Northern Health’s patient portal. It gives you 24/7 secure online access to review select services that have been scheduled in the hospital setting and review your hospital digital health information from any computer or smartphone. You can also access the information and services of any adult or elderly family member you may be supporting in care. 

Learn how to get signed up for HealthELife at: https://www.northernhealth.ca/services/digital-health/healthelife