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Moose Hide Campaign 2023 - Executive Reflections - Ciro Panessa


Moose hide campaign supporter standing with one hand over her mouth while the other is a raised fist in the air at a campaign event
Moose hide campaign 2023

May 11, 2023 marks the 12th annual Moose Hide Campaign Day. The Moose Hide Campaign is a BC-led, grassroots movement to end violence toward women and children. The campaign began in Northern BC when Raven and Paul Lacerte decided to take action against the violence occurring toward women and children in the North while hunting in their territory.

We asked Ciro Panessa, Northwest Chief Operating Officer, to reflect on what the Moose Hide Campaign means to him and how he is taking action to promote the Campaign.

1. Why are you passionate about the Moose Hide Campaign?

The Moose Hide Campaign is one that resonates with me. As a father with a young daughter, I can only hope that she will never experience intimate partner violence. Campaigns like this play an important role in raising awareness and making improvements in how we address violence against women and children over time.

2. Why is this such an important Campaign for Northern Health Executive and staff?

It’s important that Northern Health supports a campaign like this that started in Northern BC. Northern Health clinical teams, along with community partners, do their best to support women and children that experience violence throughout the year. As an employer of almost 9,000 people, we want to help reduce stigma and show our support and participate in efforts that reduce violence against women and children.

3. What are some actions you have taken, or plan to take in the future, to help raise awareness of the Moose Hide Campaign and its cause?

I will continue to personally reflect, learn about the history of the Moose Hide Campaign, and wear my moose hide pin. I am also supporting our organizational efforts through executive sponsorship and helping to raise awareness and participation in the campaign.

4. What are your recommendations for staff and other leaders in the organization to support this cause?

I recommend everyone visit the Moose Hide Campaign website and register for the virtual sessions and workshops they are hosting. You can wear a moose hide pin and encourage others to do the same. These pins create an opportunity to have conversations about the Campaign and what it represents. If we continue to reflect and take action, we can improve the lives and experiences of the people Northern Health serves.