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Linsa Lazar’s dreams became a reality at Northern Health


Linsa Lazar poses in one of the new treatment spaces in the new Seven Sisters in Terrace, where she recently accepted the registered nurse position.
Linsa Lazar, originally from India, managed to complete her registered nursing degree while continuing to work at Northern Health

Linsa Lazar, originally from Mumbai, India, is a "rising star" at Northern Health.

That’s according to her manager, Brad Leier, who oversees acute and tertiary specialized services for the Northwest.

"Linsa is a natural leader. Her initiative and commitment to high-quality care is evident in how she approaches her work,” he says. “She’s a pleasure to work with and has a way with people, both staff and clients, that helps them feel at ease.”

Travelling overseas

Having worked as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurse in her home country, Linsa came to Canada in 2012 looking to further her education and find better job prospects. She initially moved to Ontario, but due to changes in immigration law, moved to Terrace in 2014 to work in the hospitality industry. After securing her permanent residency, Linsa eagerly decided to pursue her career in health care again.

Linsa worked in different health care positions for a few years – for example, as a junior manager overseeing residential homes – before securing a job with Northern Health in 2019. 

She was initially hired as a Life Skills Worker at Seven Sisters, where she provided facility residents with a variety of support including medical, physical, emotional, and social, and more.

Based in Terrace, Seven Sisters is a regional mental health facility that provides long-term rehabilitation and recovery programs for adults living with severe and persistent mental illness and/or substance use disorder.

Pursuing her dream

Linsa Lazar sitting in an office chair at a desk
Linsa Lazar said she owes a lot to the support and encouragement she’s received from her leaders at Northern Health during her journey to become a registered nurse in Canada.

Recognizing Linsa’s potential and dream to do nursing in Canada, Seven Sisters team lead Briana Emery encouraged her to pursue her Registered Nursing (RN) degree while continuing to work at Seven Sisters. That’s exactly what Linsa did, and in 2023, she officially became a Canadian RN. Soon after, she started working as a nurse at Seven Sisters.

“The whole team and all my coworkers have been amazing. Briana mentored and motivated me by providing constant support and guidance,” said Linsa. “Every day is a new learning day here, with a positive work culture that management continuously strives to achieve for staff and residents.”

Overcoming difficult circumstances

“Linsa is smart and kind but also finds joy and humour within her work,” said Briana. “When her credentials from home were not accepted in Canada, she didn’t give up. She applied to universities, completed practicums, volunteered ... Even now, I know she continues to challenge herself educationally outside of work.”

The journey has taken time, and it has not been without its ups and downs, says Linsa. “But it was so worth it,” she says. “I have had such a positive experience."

“I must thank my ever-motivating husband for his unconditional support, my encouraging mentors Briana and Brad, my supportive colleagues, and the whole community of Terrace, which has been very accepting,” she added.

Enjoying the Northern life

Most recently, Linsa was part of the team that helped prepare and move residents, staff, and operations into a new Seven Sisters facility. Read more about that here.

When Linsa isn’t working, you can find her on long drives with her husband, hiking, reading suspense thriller books, listening to loud Indian music, or trying new Indian cuisine recipes.

Are you an internationally trained nurse wanting to work in Canada? Here are some things to know!

BC offers an expedited registration pathway for Registered Nurses from the UK, United States, Australia, and New Zealand, who have significant practice experience. If you are an internationally trained nurse (IEN) from another country, your credentials will need to be evaluated through the Nursing Community Assessment Service (NCAS) and you will need to complete the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

We encourage IENs to connect with Joanne Cozac (joanne.cozac@northernhealth.ca) for information and resources on the registration process.