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IMAGINE Community Grants: We have a map for that!


Map with imagine grants locations.

The first cycle of IMAGINE Community Grants for 2018 has recently launched and I have already been fielding a number of calls and inquiries from community about a variety of project ideas. The passion and excitement that people have about these ideas, and the plans to put these ideas to action, gets me very excited! I am really looking forward to receiving applications from across our entire health region.

Funding opportunities accessible for all

Northern Health has been providing this funding opportunity to communities since 2008/2009, and we have made many improvements to the process over the past decade. Our goal has been to make the opportunity accessible for all, and make the application and evaluation process as easy as possible for community groups. In 2016, we introduced our IMAGINE Google Map as a way for applicants to see what projects have been funded in their community or area. It also allows for groups to get ideas from across the entire region and learn about initiatives that could be replicated or modified to improve health and wellness in their own community. Through the map, we are able to share a brief description of the project and photos- so you can actually see the great work that has happened as a result of the IMAGINE seed funding.

A very useful function with the Google map is the ability to search topics or places. I recommend using this function if you want to look for a specific type of project. Are you looking for ideas for an injury prevention project? Or healthy eating? Or maybe you want to see what has been supported in a specific community? I encourage interested applicants to check out the map and see what ideas are out there and maybe even try to take them to the next level!

What idea can you take and expand on for your own community?

IMAGINE Community Grants provide funding to community organizations, service agencies, First Nations bands and organizations, schools, municipalities, regional districts, not-for-profits, and other partners with projects that make Northern communities healthier. We are looking for applications that will support our efforts to prevent chronic disease and injury, and improve overall well-being in our communities. The deadline for the next cycle of IMAGINE Community Grants is March 31, 2018.