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A furry surprise for Peace Villa residents


A life-like robotic cat.
Little Kitkat Evans, in the "fur."

The only thing better than experiencing a generous act by people who love their community is seeing the smiles and reactions of those who benefit from it. The long-term care residents at Peace Villa in Fort St. John received a very generous and happy surprise last month.

Two community members, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased a robotic cat, which they named Little Kitkat Evans, and delivered it to Pat Evans, NH Manager, Residential Care, and Peace Villa residents in mid-February. The cat is very life-like – it purrs, meows, stretches, and came with a comb to groom its soft fur.

“When we delivered the surprise to Pat, she immediately took us to share Kitkat with the Residents,” says one of the donors. “It was a most rewarding experience seeing the joy it brought to others.”

Pat says the residents were thrilled with the gift and that Kitkat has had a great effect on many of them. One resident who sometimes draws into themselves was happy to sit and pet the cat for twenty minutes when it arrived, and another regularly asks for the cat to spend time with them in their room.

“The cat provides a stimulus for those who are withdrawn but also has a calming effect on those who are often agitated because of its tactile stimulation, and it can also bring back good memories,” says Pat. “Some people just want to have it as a companion.”

“The fact that [they] were able to provide the funds and provide this cat for the unit is just spectacular!” says Pat.

And the generous donors have only great things to say about the time they spent at Peace Villa too!

“Pat’s interaction with the residents and staff is absolutely amazing,” says one of the donors. “Her compassion, enthusiasm, and energy makes everyone feel important. What a fantastic time we had!”

Thank you for your generosity!