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Fort Nelson increases after-hours home support


Elderly man in wheelchair watches as woman makes bed
Home support staff help clients by providing care in their own homes.

Last year, Fort Nelson implemented changes to health services in the community by increasing the hours for home support services, a change that has seen very positive feedback and results!

“Families are very appreciative of the extended service and we're happy to offer more hours and days for this service,” says Lynn Fertuck, Team Lead for Fort Nelson.

The extended hours, which have been supported through additional casual staff members, help clients in need after hours, as well as families who have been looking after their loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or more complex care needs.

The service has been extended from 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, to now include weekends and holidays and provide service until 6:30 pm to help with dinner.

This service has been a huge help for families that support their loved ones with illness as it helps them to prevent caregiver burnout by being able to leave the house and take a break. These families rely on Northern Health and private services to be able to take care of their family member at home.

In the near future, they’re hoping to extend the service to 9 pm so they can help clients get settled in for the night. The staff are following COVID-19 personal protective equipment protocols so there’s no risk for them coming into people’s homes.